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I have technical troubles with many parts of this website, therefore it's not possible for me to post this message in the news section.
Petr in Prague has recently visited Lea's grave in Dablice. Things develop now. See his photos in under "Gallery".
Here are excerps of his eMail:

Hello Chris,
here are some pictures of the Andrea's grave - there's a new marble-slab, so the little-weather-damaged concrete base is not visible any more.
Also the statue-stone is a little bit moved and also little bit worked. I've been to the cemetery in the half of december, so all of this changes must been done in the fall of 2008/beginning of 2009.
The picture is so much weather-damaged, that you can not recognize even there was ever a picture. :-(
I hope it would not be too shameless from anyone (even though an extraneous and therefore uncalled) to bring a new picture.
I'd like also to offer to Lucie some simple help with work around if needed - moving the stone or anything or . . . whatever.
I also bought a Public utility firm called "Hands for help", I planed to rename that company on "With Andrejka against glyoblastoma and pain" and I planed to provide activities to initiate public privity and treatment-research, but there are many subjects provoding similar activities and web pages collecting informations aboutglyoblastoma treatment. Than I don't know if it brings any utility to provide such firm. Though more than 4 years after Andrea's death there are only little better hopes for the patients, the treatment is mostly possible to only prolong their life. So much discussed genetical therapy, is not yet ready to kill the glyoblastoma. . . :-(
Have many nice days Petr


Tomorrow it will be already 4 years that we had to say good bye to Lea forever. The fact that this website is still visited by her fans shows that we have not forgotten her! Also this year I've been at the cemetery Dablice. Read more about it in the section "Lea's Grave".


There's some development at the grave. See the news section for more informations.


Yesterday I've returned from Prague where I shot new photos from the grave and got current informations about the sculpture from Lea's mother Anny. Please look into the news section of this website.


Just installed a new forum since the "old" new one doesn't seem to be state of art. However, even after hours of trying I failed in completely integrating it into the site. Therefore you will have to sign in seperately to the forum. Now we'll see which you like better. (Maybe the first website with three forums at the same time :-)


In July 2004, when Lea and I had a last shoot together, she told me she was ill. At that time the doctors thought of a benign infection, nothing to worry about. We couldn't suspect that only four months later she would be snatched away from us forever!

She and I had planned to build a website for her, but we had no chance to realize it anymore. What you see here is hopefully something which Lea would like. It's my present to her. But not only mine. The concept of this new site is that it will grow and grow and that everybody who loves Lea will contribute to it: this site is hungry for pictures, opinions, topics, links, suggestions, translations, infos - for just everything that comes to your mind! Let's make this place a joyful place, a vivid place and thus let's keep Lea and her spirit alive forever!

This website currently offers

  • the old forum at www.activeboard.com
  • a completely new and integrated forum
  • the option to register and use the new forum or add web links
  • the option to become a "page friend" and contribute articles, pictures and much more
  • the option to choose between 2 languages (currently German & English - can anybody translate into any other languages? Then get in contact with me!)
  • all pictures and informations of the old website, so nothing got lost!

I hope you will enjoy all these features and invite you to propose more!

Additionally I like to apologize to you in advance for all errors and difficulties on the website that may arise. Please inform me when you get aware of any!

Stephanie Swift: breast cancer

Articles /

Just today, 5 years after 09.12.2004 I read that Stephanie Swift, another goddess of porn, has been diagnosed with breast cancer in summer.

Here's the article I've found:
5 Years

Articles /

Today it's exactly 5 years after the big GOOD BYE. There was a time when I thought that 5 years are a long time. Now it seems to me like a short period of time. Each time I'm in Prague I still recall my shootings with Lea and when I have time I go to the places where we shot our photos and video clips.
News about the grave

Articles / The Grave in Dablice

The Grave in Dablice
Early November I've been at the cemetery in Dablice for the last time this year and I've also met Andrea's mother in Café Emporio in the big shopping mall close to Andel in Prague.
The Waiting goes on

Articles / The Grave in Dablice

The Grave in Dablice
A few days ago I've been on the cemetery in Dablice once again in order to obtain a picture of the current state of affairs. On the one hand, I had to notice that my earlier assumption regarding the site of the future grave was wrong (some posts in the forum had already pointed on that). It definitely lies in section IV-9. On the other hand, the place at which the grave once shall be looks depressing, deserted and not very inviting.
Another Newspaper, another Article

Articles / Lea De Mae in the Media

Lea De Mae in the Media
As mentioned by Ian in the forum, NEDELNI SVET (Sunday World), another Czech Newspaper, published an Article about Lea De Mae already on 23rd July 2006. Thanks to Ian for his English translation:

Fatal Destiny - Cancer!

Articles / Lea De Mae in the Media

Lea De Mae in the Media
Under the caption "Drsny Osud - Rakovina!" (engl. transl.: "Cruel Destiny - Cancer!") a Czech Newspaper published the story of Andrea Absolonova (Lea De Mae) in October 2006. The same article can be found in the archives of the website of BLESK.